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West Edmonton is home to many different communities, all unique in their own way. Some of these communities include: The Grange, Granville, Callingwood, Westmount, Westridge, Jasper Place, Secord, Rosenthal, Edgemont, Glenora, Terra Losa, Rio Terrace, and Lewis Estates.

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West Edmonton Neighbourhoods

The Grange

Located south of Whitemud Drive, this community has three separate neighbourhoods: Glastonbury, Granville, and The Hamptons. Glastonbury is one of the newer neighbourhoods with residences built after 1995. Single-family homes are the most common, with duplexes, apartments, and condominiums too. In the center you’ll find a beautiful 21 acre park/school surrounded by ponds, trails, and walkways. The Hamptons was built for those with active lifestyles with plenty of green spaces providing a peaceful and safe place for family enjoyment.


Split into Callingwood North and Callilngwood South, these communities are south of Whitemud Drive, offer beautiful parks, an off-leash dog park, an outdoor rink, a skateboard park, and the Misericordia Community Hospital. You’ll find an array of housing that is both affordable and built with both singles and families in mind. Beautiful condominiums, including the very popular Lexington Greens and Woodstock are located here.


With its prime location near downtown and just north of the North Saskatchewan River valley, it is a highly desirable community. Since this is an older area, you’ll find many historic homes mixed in with apartments, duplexes, and condominiums. It is an ideal location for those attending the University of Alberta. Westmount Park is a major attraction with an outdoor hockey rink, fitness center, and playgrounds.


This is mostly a residential community, and is home to the Westridge Wolf Willow Country Club. It is conveniently located south of the famous West Edmonton Mall, as well as other shopping centers.

Jasper Place

It’s an older neighbourhood known for its Jasper Place Family Resources and Arthur Elliot Parks. This popular area is just south of Stony Plain Road and is convenient to an outdoor rink, tennis courts, and community hall. The Edmonton Transit Service is easily accessible from this area.


Established in 2007, Secord is one of the newer communities in West Edmonton and features new neighbourhoods: Rosewood and West Secord. Both of these neighbourhoods selling new homes and feature all the amenities you would expect from master-planned communities.


This vibrant community is filled with gorgeous landscaped trails, picturesque waterfalls, an island, fountains, gazebo, and bridge. Residents love the two play zones and entertaining spray parks, along with an adjacent BMX track for children. A toboggan hill and a grass field offer endless hours of recreation. It’s an easy commute to downtown.


If you want to live in the city, but love the feel of being around nature, Edgemont is a beautiful neighbourhood for families. Located near the river, hiking and biking trails are easily accessible near the ravine. You’ll love the newer homes featured in Woodhaven with both single family and duplexes available.


This community overlooks the scenic North Saskatchewan River valley. It’s also home to one of the more prestigious luxury condominiums, 100 West Block, featuring a full time concierge. The Alberta Government House is located in this upscale area and is used for meetings, conferences, and ceremonial events.

Terra Losa

This community offers both residential and commercial areas. You’ll find newer apartments and a mixture of affordable row houses, low-rise condominiums, and duplexes. Along the eastern side, there are great places for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Rio Terrace

This smaller community is a residential haven for single family, split-level, and well-designed bungalows. Nestled among Lynwood and Patricia Heights, the picturesque views of the North Saskatchewan River will definitely catch your eye. Both Rio Park and Rio Terrace Park offer charming paths and outdoor activities for families

Lewis Estates

Found within Lewis Estates are Potter Greens, Webber Greens, Stewart Greens, Breckenridge Greens, and Suder Greens. Although these neighbourhoods are all located within Lewis Estates, each one offers their own unique lifestyle. One of the best features in the area is the public golf course. Also located in the Webber Greens neighbourhood is the upscale retirement community that houses an All Seniors Care Living Centre.

West Edmonton is also where you’ll find these notable attractions:

West Edmonton Mall

This is Canada’s second most visited mall and has a little something for everyone. Kids love Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf, Ice Palace, and especially the World Waterpark. The waterpark is home to the world’s largest indoor wave pool. For adults, it’s hard to beat the shopping with plenty of unique specialty shops, dining, and special events.

TELUS World of Science

Designed to celebrate and teach children (and adults). This is an unmatched experience that includes an IMAZ theatre, educational exhibits, events, and the Zeidler Dome.

Misericordia Hospital

A Covenant Health Facility providing healthcare services ranging from an ALS Clinic to Reconstructive Services. It also has an excellent 24/7 emergency department.

Edmonton Valley Zoo

Open every day except Christmas or bad weather conditions, this favorite attraction is located on the North Saskatchewan River. It has several exhibits including:

Inner Zoo (emus, black swans, kookaburras, and skunks)

Makira Outpost (Lemurs)

Nature’s Wild Backyard (Red Panda)

Carnivore Alley (Red foxes, Arctic wolves, Amur tigers)

Elephant House (Asian elephant)

Back Paddocks (Bactrian camel, Bighorn sheep, Sichuan takin)

Fort Edmonton Park 

A popular attraction on over 158 acres, the park has five sections:
(1) Indigenous Peoples Experience,
(2) replica of the fort in 1846,
(3) 1885 Street,
(4) 905 Street, and
(5) 1920 Street.
Experience Edmonton’s history like you’ve never experienced it before! Are you relocating to West Edmonton? It’s one of the friendliest and beloved cities in Alberta. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, you will love all the different sports activities and amenities found in this all-around magnificent city.

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