The Edmonton Region’s Hydrogen Opportunity

Hydrogen development in Edmonton

The Edmonton Region’s Hydrogen Opportunity

The Edmonton region is positioned as a national leader in clean energy solutions, according to Edmonton Global, a foreign direct investment and the international business agency representing the 14 municipalities in our region. The below summary captures key points discussed in Edmonton Global’s recently published overview and was crafted with direct input from Malcolm Bruce, Edmonton Global’s CEO.

There are currently $30 billion in projected projects related to hydrogen production in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region up to 2030. The national opportunity is estimated at $100 billion and as much as two-thirds of that will be centered in the Edmonton region. Globally, hydrogen is being called an $11 trillion opportunity. In April, for the second time, Edmonton will host North America’s largest hydrogen convention – an event expected to welcome approximately 8,000 attendees.

Hydrogen, which is the world’s most abundant element, has emerged as a key part of many countries’ strategies to meet their net-zero commitments. It results in zero emissions when used as a power source and emits only water vapor. Numerous world-scale companies are also looking at the Edmonton region in their search for cleaner energy alternatives that will help in meeting their own net zero emission targets.

A couple of areas have been identified for the early adoption of hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel cells can be used for large trucks and buses as well as used in commercial buildings. While not economically viable right now, the government at all levels is keen to support widespread adoption. The costs are falling dramatically each year and are forecast to be the most competitive energy source in the future.

Some of the Edmonton region’s advantages

The Edmonton region is home to Canada’s first and leading Hydrogen Hub

Access to some of the lowest-priced natural gas in the world, a young skilled workforce, government support, carbon capture expertise, existing infrastructure

66% of Canada’s hydrogen supply is produced in Alberta and most of it is in the Edmonton region
We can scale to world demand with our pipeline know-how. Take a look at a map and see how pipelines in Canada lead to Edmonton. In Europe, they are planning to build 40,000 km of hydrogen pipelines.
Manufacturing: 2nd largest fabrication capabilities, Houston has the largest.
The entire Edmonton region is a foreign trade zone making it highly attractive to international investors.
Fastest growing tech ecosystem in North America – including expertise in advanced technology such as AI research. The University of Alberta is ranked 3rd globally for AI research
International cargo and logistics hub with the Edmonton region being recognized as Port Alberta.
Inclusive partnership with the business sector, governments, and Indigenous businesses and communities
Edmonton is the 2nd largest financial district in Canada behind only Toronto. Attracts legal and accounting firms
Access to talent: 8 post-secondary institutions with more than 130,000 students. You can find your talent here – especially for innovation.

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