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There’s no shortage of communities to choose from in North Edmonton. Reach out to me to show you what real estate opportunities exist in the ones that appeal most to you.

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What To Know About North Edmonton's Many Desirable Neighourhoods

If you’re in the market for real estate here in North Edmonton, Alberta, you’re probably already aware of some of the neighbourhoods that lie right between where 127 Avenue, 66 Street and Fort Road intersect. These include:


The northwestern Edmonton neighbourhood sits just north of Yellowhead Trail.

The Hudson’s Bay Company originally owned this land that is know now Calder before the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway took it over, converting it into a rail town in the early 20th century. Some of the area’s single-family homes or duplexes were constructed as early as 1910. Others weren’t built until the 1940s and 50s. There’s been an uptick in new construction in the area over the past few years.

Calder has both public and private elementary and junior high schools. It also became a Building Great Neighourhoods designee in 2021. The City of Edmonton will be investing significant capital in community revitalization efforts in this area, scheduled to wrap up in 2023.


Nearly one-third of this neighbourhood’s homes were constructed in the post-World War II era, which falls between the late 1940s and 1960. Another 40% were built throughout the 1960s. There was a pause in new development between the 1960s and 1996. Another 21% of the neighbourhood’s homes were built between 1996 and 2000. Most of the area’s homes are single-family ones, with the remaining 10% duplexes.

There are both an Edmonton Public School System and a francophone elementary school.


This neigbourhood is located in the Castledowns portion of North Edmonton.

Most of the area’s homes are single-family ones that were constructed in the 1970s and into the early 1980s. However, more than 20% of the neighbourhood’s homes are either duplexes or row houses.

The Edmonton Public School System and Edmonton Catholic School System operate schools in the neighbourhood.

Castle Downs

Named for a castle in Wales, this northwestern Edmonton neighborhood is home to many popular neighourhoods, including Beaumaris, Caernarvon and Dunluce. There Castle Downs Transit Centre is located in Castle Down’s centre from which busses depart daily.


This neighourhood forms part of the Castledowns community, in the northern portion of the City of Edmonton.

Most of the area’s homes were built in the 1970s and early 1980s. One-half of the properties in Dunluce are single-family homes with another nearly 30% row houses or duplexes.

The Castledowns Recreational Centre is housed in Dunluce. There are also two elementary schools, with one each being operated by the public and Catholic school systems.


This Castledowns neighbourhood derives its name from a like-named castle in Wales and is located in the northwestern portion of Edmonton. The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton’s city centre and Griesbach are all located just south of Beaumaris.

A quarter of this neighbourhood’s residences were built in the 1970s. A little more than 50% were constructed in the 1980s, with the rest being built in the 1990s. Just shy of 45% of the homes in Beaumaris are single-family ones. At least 37% are low-rise apartment or condo buildings. The remaining homes are either duplexes or row houses.


This northwestern portion of Castledowns was originally an army base before it was turned over to Canada Lands Company for residential development of it.

This neighborhood nestles up to the downtown area and North Alberta Institute of Technology on its southern border. It features many popular shopping spots, including North Town Centre and Northgate Centre. It will soon be fully accessible via the Metro Line LRT.

Single-family homes account for at least 40% of all residences in the area. Another 30% each are either row houses or duplexes.


This northeastern Edmonton neighbourhood includes Kilkenny and Kildare, each of which has parks and athletic facilities.

The Londonderry Mall is also located in the southeast portion of this community in Kildare. It houses more than 150 stores, including nine anchor stores.

There are both public and Catholic schools in the area. There’s a public elementary school in Kildare and two in Kilkenny. There’s one each Catholic elementary school, public junior high and public high school in Kilkenny.

Eaux Claires

This northeastern Edmonton neighbourhood is south of the CFB Edmonton base and north of downtown and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). This community features the Eaux Claires Transit Centre, a bus hub that serves the downtown area and surrounding areas.

At least 55% of Eaux Claires’ homes are single-family ones. An additional 32% are walk-up condos or apartments. Another nearly 12% are duplexes.

Belle Rive

Situated in the northern portion of Alberta, Eaux Claires is located west of this neighbourhood. It was initially slated to be given an Italian name to honor its large Italian resident population.

An overwhelming majority of the homes are single-family ones. The remaining 3% are row houses and 4% are duplexes.


This northeastern community is situated along the Pilot Sound planning area nearby the River Valley.

Construction only began in this area in the 2000s. It now features several high-rise condo or apartment buildings and new homes on sizable parcels of land. Shopping venues and golf courses surround the area.

Matt Berry

Most of the homes in this northeastern community weren’t erected until 1985 moving forward. All but 6% of the homes in this neighbourhood are single-family ones. The rest are duplexes.

This neighbourhood is home to Edmonton Christian Northeast School, which serves students in kindergarten through grade 9.


Located in the northeastern portion of Edmonton, 91% of neighbourhood residents reside in single-family homes. The remainder needs in multi-family units.


This northeastern neighbourhood was incorporated in 1972. It’s the northernmost stop for the Edmonton LTR system. The Casselman-Steel Heights neighbourhood lies to the northwest of Clareview. Clover Bar, Pilot Sound and Hermitage all surround Clareview on its other borders.


This residential community came into existence in 1970. Both the Canadian National rail line and Yellowhead Trail lie to this neighbourhood’s south. Clareview is located north of Hermitage.

Some of the more popular neigbourhoods in this planned area include Overlanders, Canon Ridge and Homesteader.

Finding Your Ideal North Edmonton Neighbourhood

There’s no shortage of communities to choose from in North Edmonton. Reach out to me to show you what real estate opportunities exist in the ones that appeal most to you.

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