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Central Edmonton is the oldest, most densely-populated area of Edmonton, Canada. Perhaps most well-known for the “downtown core,” Central Edmonton comprises several distinct neighborhoods, including Downtown, Rossdale, Oliver, Boyle, McCauley, and Westmount.

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PLACES TO SEE IN North Central Edmonton


Featuring classical architecture drawing on Grecko-Roman tradition, the impressive Alberta Legislature Building has an outline similar to the United States Capitol Building. The beautiful grounds feature wading pools and fountains and are patrolled by security, so they’re safe to enjoy at night. In December, the Legislature Building and grounds are illuminated with thousands of holiday lights, and visitors can enjoy a beautiful skating pond.


Housed in a remarkable building crafted to incorporate the look of an observatory, the Telus World of Science Museum is the largest science museum in Edmonton. It features exciting exhibits, a planetarium, and an IMAX theater.


Located at 2 Sir Winston Churchill Square, the Art Gallery of Alberta is open seven days a week and offers free admission from 4-8 pm Thursdays. Many forms of art are represented, including the recent addition of “Edmonton Modern,” a study of Edmonton’s architecture circa the 1960s and 1970s.

North Central Edmonton's MANY FESTIVALS

Summer in Central Edmonton is festival season, and there is no shortage of exciting and fun-filled multi-day events. The main event is the Capital Ex Festival, which kicks off with a parade and fair on the first day. The festival, originally called Klondike Days, offers food and wares from around the world, and “Ed Fest,” a ten-day music festival featuring up to three acts per evening.

In August, the annual Cariwest Festival celebrates Caribbean culture with authentic costumes, music, and food. A parade down Jasper Avenue ends at Churchill Square, where revelers can enjoy Caribbean foods and goods.

While summer boasts the lion’s share of festivals and events, there is no shortage of things to do in winter. The Festival of the Trees takes place every November in Edmonton. This celebration of winter features trees decorated in styles ranging from the traditional to the unique and is perfect for finding holiday inspiration.

Then, of course, there’s Edmonton’s Annual New Years Celebration. Held every New Years’ Eve at Churchill Square (south of the City Hall,) Edmonton’s New Year’s Celebration is quickly growing in popularity, attracting larger crowds each year. The event features fireworks, hot chocolate, and fun for the entire family.

SPECTATOR SPORTS in North Central Edmonton

Central Edmonton has a vibrant sporting community and is home to three professional sports teams.The Edmonton Cracker Cats play minor league baseball games at Tulus Field and the Edmonton Eskimos represent the Canadian Football League, playing at Commonwealth Stadium. Basketball fans can enjoy watching the International Basketball League’s Edmonton Chill play at Grant MacEwan University.

SHOPPING in North Central Edmonton

Central Edmonton boasts some fantastic shopping, offering everything from major chain stores to the most unique of small businesses and shops. The City Centre Mall, for example, is home to over one hundred twenty stores. Located in the Downtown Core, The City Centre Mall can be complex for visitors to access from specific entrances, as hallways are utilized. The most accessible entries are off 102 Avenue. In Oliver, 124th Street is a vibrant and growing shopping district featuring boutiques, shops, cafes, restaurants, spas, and salons (among other things. West Jasper may be known for its nightlife, but there’s plenty of good shopping to be had there as well. Not as densely packed as some of the other shopping districts, West Jasper is a fine place to walk about and discover a host of small stores.

Central Edmonton is the oldest, most densely-populated area of Edmonton, Canada. Perhaps most well-known for the “downtown core,” Central Edmonton comprises several distinct neighborhoods, including Downtown, Rossdale, Oliver, Boyle, McCauley, and Westmount.



Spanning 105 Avenue to 97th Avenue north to south and 97th Street to 109th Street east to west, Downtown is arguably the most popular neighborhood in Central Edmonton. The seat of the government core, Downtown, is made up of four districts: the Central Business District, MacKay Avenue, the Arts District, and the Warehouse District.


Initially built in the early 1900s, Rossdale is a tiny residential community located on the River Valley Plain. The entire neighborhood was rebuilt during the 1950s, and a plan of “suburban implementation” brought the opening of Telus Field and the Rossdale Plant.


Until the area known as Downtown Edmonton was bought by the state and consequently developed, Boyle was considered Edmonton’s downtown. Located just east of Edmonton’s current downtown, Boyle is an excellent place for a history buff to take a pleasant stroll, as few of the buildings and landmarks have changed.


Punctuated by charming old homes and buildings in the French Revival architectural style, Oliver is the most densely-populated residential neighborhood in all Alberta. The thriving community features fine dining, gift shops, and nightclubs. There are also several small parks and a Light Rail Transit station.


McCauley is a multicultural neighborhood characterized primarily by China Town and Little Italy.


Situated on 97th Street, spanning 105 and 111 Avenues, McCauley’s Chinatown boasts a lively community of Chinese people and immigrants. A stroll through Edmonton’s Chinatown will take you past authentic Chinese restaurants, outdoor markets, and grocery stores.


Lovers of Italian culture won’t want to miss McCauley’s Little Italy. Located on 95 Street between 105 Avenue and 110 Avenue, this lively neighborhood of Italian immigrants and people features restaurants and shops, among other sights.


Visiting the neighborhood of Westmount is like seeing two communities in one. The two distinct areas of Westmount are characterized by wholly differing architectural styles, making a stroll through the hood a unique pleasure for lovers of architecture and history.


Riverdale is a modest residential area located just south of Boyle.

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