How to Sell a House Fast in West Edmonton

How to Sell a House Fast in West Edmonton

Home ownership in Edmonton and a guide for selling the equity you have built in your home. Is it time to sell?

Vibrant Edmonton Communities

You are selling your home in a vibrant Edmonton community. West Edmonton is full of vibrant communities that are connected internally with multi-use trails and to the city via major routes like Whitemud Drive and the Anthony Henday. West Edmonton offers nearly unlimited activities for residents, including several minor sports leagues that local children love. This amenity-rich community has so many attractions that you’ll probably never want to leave.

In Edmonton, these features will help your house sell fast and at a good price. Real Estates agents can sell houses fast in the city of Edmonton if they are presented so they present better than other homes being sold by other owners in the area.

Don’t Wait

Don’t wait, your house will be the perfect place for a new family! Prices are important to make the sale but the price is on the property and the location. West Edmonton is a great place to get an offer accepted so you sell your house fast.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

Before you list your home, make sure it’s in top condition – inside and out. Repair any visible damage inside or outside of the house, paint if necessary, and do whatever else is needed to spruce up the property, add value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. The house has to be presentable and you have to do the cleaning required to make sure people can see that the space is flexible for their requirements.

Good Condition

It’s important to make sure your home is in good condition before you list it. Make any necessary repairs and renovations, cleaning up the landscape it, stage each room with furniture, and ensure all appliances are in working order.

Some homes sit on the market for months. Those homes are priced higher than prospective buyers are willing to pay or the buyer can’t see their family living there. You have to make sure to impress a buyer by doing renovations and preparations to impress prospective buyers.

Get Professional Help

Hire a real estate agent who knows the local market and has experience selling quickly. Ask your agent to provide you with a detailed marketing plan that will help get your property in front of potential buyers as quickly as possible.

There is so much to deal with!

To make the process easier on yourself, you should consider the following: Work With A Real Estate Agent! You don’t have to work with a real estate agent, but you’ll want to once you know what they can do for you. While real estate agents take a commission from the sale of your home, they can help you sell your home quickly and for the best price. They promote your home, find ways to attract potential buyers, and help make your home more presentable with staging and similar methods.

Gain Knowledge

Realtors explain, in detail, the process that they use to ensure that the sale happens. All commissions and closing costs are discussed in the Market Analysis of your home. As homeowners, the agent will discuss with you all of the contract implications and the items that are the responsibility of the bank, the lawyer, the inspector, and the Realtor. You invest a lot of money into selling your home through a Realtor and their job is to find a buyer who is willing to pay as close to your asking price as possible in today’s market.

Listing Documents

Signing the Listing Documents. This is a legal contract and so you should fully understand the terms before signing them. Your real estate agent should explain to you each clause in the document and any implications they may have. Be sure to ask questions like, “When does the contract begin and how will it be fulfilled?” and “What are my rights and responsibilities as per the agreement?”

A lawyer will work with you once you sign these documents but the agent will save the lawyer review until after your house has been purchased in Edmonton and the ownership transfer is about to happen.

Showcase Your Home

Make your house look great to get the sale

When people are deciding on the house they love, they have to be able to dream of a house where they can throw parties, have friends visit, and become involved in the community. It’s obvious, if you showcase your home, people will also see the signs of value.

You can also showcase a local park that is within walking distance. Playgrounds are around the corner. Residents in this neighbourhood will be able to sell their house quickly.


Neighbours can help attract interested buyers to your property and assist your home in quickly selling for a competitive price. The First Offer Rule If you get an offer within the first few weeks, the tendency is for sellers to try and hold out for a better offer. This is generally a mistake. The biggest fish usually bite first, so keep in mind that your first offer will often be your best. Lastly, keep a positive attitude!

Depending on the condition of your home, you will get a fair deal—better than any deal in the market.

Price It Right

Do your research on the current market prices; based on similar sold properties in your area. Be sure to seriously consider the true price of your property so you can sell it fast. If you are unrealistic your house may not get a sale.

Can you Do the Research?

This will help you price your home at a competitive rate that will attract people and create some urgency to act fast. Real estate agents can closely estimate the price of your house. Request the documents that show the break down of the critical picture of dollars and cents, when it comes to figuring out what your house is worth. In the world of real estate, those numbers can be put into a simple document form for you to review.

Get Guidance to Understand the Process

Your real estate agent will give you guidance on what the right price is for your home, but be sure to do your own research to make sure you are pricing your property appropriately. A good way to do this is by checking out neighbouring properties that have recently sold, as well as looking at homes similar in size

Marketing Your Home

Work with your real estate agent in coming up with a suitable strategy to market your home. Tell your agent about the features of your home that convinced you to purchase it in the first place, because chances are other people will be drawn to the same things. Look over the marketing materials your agent will provide you to see if there are any ideas or suggestions you can make, in order to further increase the price in the mind of other buyers.

Leave it to the Agent

Realtors focus their efforts on mastering houses. If they are good and can market well, they get paid. Their income is based solely on commission. Imagine how hard you would work if you didn’t get paid until the house sold…

In Conclusion

Selling your home can be a difficult process. You have to make improvements to the house, you have to do the staging and in single family homes it’s difficult for you to determine a precise price.